What are Easy Trekking Routes ?
Walkable by a  8 year old to 70 year old senior. It can also be understood as plain and simple walking and mostly do no involve steep climb.

What is Moderate Level Trekking Route ?
Requires fitness , mostly altitude gaining and min. 5 hrs of walking is included. altitude can touch 4500m
Moderate level can be tried by physically fit individual, anyone who is in active sports. This level should not be undertaken by people having muscular or joint pains. If on any medication – please discuss before you book.

What is Tough Level Trekking Route ?
Some also rate these routes as challenging. Requires experience , understanding of Himalayan weather, topography and considerable fitness. may involve rugged terrain, moraine, walking upto 8 hrs, steep climbs, rough weathers and crossings of rivers and streams.  Trails like Kinner Kailash Circuit, Kalini Khal falls into most trails from Ladakh and Zanskar region falls into this category.

How to interact with you – I want to discuss about my choice of trekking route, and other related questions.
You can talk through Skype:  him.adventures  | You can text / audio chat through WhatsApp  +1 604 300 2535 or you can dial +1 604 300 2535

I want to know about what to pack ?
Every region/trek  has different requirement. It depends on which season and what would be weather conditions. As soon as you are confirmed with us – we will be sending you details of packing list.

What if one falls sick or injured ?
This is very important for us to know, if you are / were treated for any chronic illness. Himalayas do not have state-of-the art medical support neither there is any quick rescue possible. If you fall sick [ Fever involved ] you will not be going high / along with the group. Your guide will make arrangements for you to reach roadhead – or stay at near by village or reach near by village / town.  Under no conditions you will be / should be carry on trekking in fever.
#Himadventures won’t be responsible for any travel or medical expenses. First aid is available with guide / trail manager but if injury requires rest, you will not be allowed to continue. Any muscular injury is fine as far as interna bleeding is not noticed and in same way tenderness associated with bluish / black skin is possibility of fracture.

What are options for rescue ?
You are not charged for rescue. Rescue is mostly not required unless guide feels evacuation is last option. Prior to rescue/ evacuation guide would like you to reach Village where shelter / food / communication with town / city may be possible. Manual rescue is pressed if guide feels immobility of member- and this is lengthy and time consuming process. Sometimes, messenger is sent to near by village to fetch people to manually carry a member / depending upon terrain, pony can also be arranged. These charges are to be paid by member.
Rescue by air is difficult operation as communication and advance payment to Indian Air force is required in this case. We do not promise but can try our best to make contact with Air Force.

What type of food is provided ?
We have following options for meals and drinks while on trail.
1. Bread + Butter + Boiled Egg
2. Porridge
3. Bread + Omelette
4. Potato / Onion / Stuffed Paratha

1. Rice + Lentils
2. Rice and Lentils cooked together and served with pickle.
3. Chapati  – Lentils / Vegitable
4. Rice – Chapati – Vegetable / Lentils
5. Noodles + Egg

1. Rice and Lentils cooked together.
2. Onion stuffed paratha – lentils
3.  Vegetables cooked and served with Chapati / Stuffed Paratha

A. Morning Tea and tea / hot drink after Dinner.
B. Depending on availability – fruits can be added into meal plans.

What is #himadventures policy about alcohol, smoking ?
: #Himadventures do not allow beer / alcohol usage after we takeover. You will be deported / spared from the team. You can smoke plain cigarette, we do not allow any additive in smoking – you can smoke cigars/ pipes but no additive except plain tobacco is allowed.