Expedition Level Treks


All features of a tough trekking route with more challenges of route, altitude, weather and terrain. Expedition level trekking example are Snow Leopard Trek, Finding a new route, Glacier studies like expeditions. Expedition level treks require high degree of fitness and experience as well. Know how to use mountaineering equipment, basics of rescue and glacier walking / living on glaciers should be known.
1. University students, Scientists are requested to send individual profiles of each member of all treks and climbs done by them. We expect sharing information of medical issues, current medications, if any.
2. Expedition level treks most likely creates situations where men and women share same tent – we expect decency and non-abusive conduct by all members.
3. Expedition level treks consists of heights, glaciers, technical know-how of  ascending and descending, snow and ice rappel, bivouac [Both planned and voluntary ],  Glacier travel both roped up and free walk.
If you need to know or discuss any issue- please feel free to contact us.

Frozen River Trek -Lingshed Trek

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Gangotri- Badrinath – Kalindi Khal

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