Panchachuli Glacier (“E” Face)

Panchachuli Base Camp

Ensconced by the river Dhauli Ganga, Sobla is the entry points of the Darma valley. In Sobla the trekkers put on their rucksacks and get ready for the vigorous journey ahead. Here onwords, it’s a 35-40 km trek that passes through Dar, Bungling, Sela, Nagling, Baaling, and Duktu/Dantu village in the darma valley before reaching Panchachuli Glacier. On the final lap at village Duktu/Dantu one gets the majestic spectacle of Panchachuli that derives its name from the five peaks, named after the legendary Pandavas. The 5 kms length and width of glaciers project out from this range of hill. Atrek of about 4 kms from village Duktu/Dantu leads to the base of the glacier.

The glacier is seen from Duktu/Dantu villages as well as from the starting point of Yuli river situated 4 kms away in the base of Panchachuli. The five peaks of Panchachuli create the unforgettable specter of Him Khand, Yuli river skirted by the jungle of Devdaar and Bhoj Patra trees and vast meadows.

Ex. Dharchula (Duration 7 Days)

Day 1: 35 kms by bus, 5 kms by Trek, Dharchula – Dar (N/H)

Day 2: 12 kms by trek – Dar-Sela (N/H)

Day 3: 11 kms by trek – Sela-Baaling (N/H)

Day 4: 6 kms by trek Baaling – Duktu/Dantu (N/H)

Day 5: 19 kms by trek Duktu/Dantu – Panchachuli – Duktu/Dantu – Nagling (N/H)

Day 6: 12 kms by trek Nagling Bungling (N/H)

Day 7: 5 kms by trek, 35 kms by bus Bungling

Ex. Delhi (Duration 9 nights 10 days)

Delhi – Almora – Dharchula – Panchachuli – Dharchula – Lohaghat – Delhi.