Padam To Lamayuru over Hanuman La

4Day 1 & 2 : Reaching Padam from Sirinagar /Leh

Day 3 : Rest Day ( Acclimatization )

Day 4: Padum-Karsha : Walking Time 2 hrs.> There is a monastery at Karsha belonging to 10th century.

Day 5 : Karsha-Pishu: Walking Time 4-5 hrs.> Karsha 3600m, gradual ascending to village Rinam 3350m. Pishu is at 3470m.

Day 6 : Pishu-Hanumil: Walking Time 4-5 hrs.> Trail skirts around Zhanskar River and usually a level walk. Pidmu 3420m is about halfway. Hanumil 3380m is all about few houses.

Day 7 : Hanumil-Snertse: Walking Time 5 hrs.> Steady upwards to Purfi La 3950m, Coming to Zhanskar River and then steep ascending and descending and again 400m climb for Snertse 3850m. This is a shepherd settlement.

Day 8: Rest Day ( High Pass )

Day 9 : Snertse-Hanuman La – Lingshet: Walking Time 5-6 hrs.> Gradual ascending to Hanuman La 4950m. Descending is steep.Do visit Lingshet monastery which is very old and is close to the era when Budhism was being established in this area.

Day 10 : Lingshet-Base Singge La: Walking Time 5-6 hrs.> Gradual ascending to Netuke La 4280m. There is one more 400m climb of Khyupa La 4300m. It then gradually ascends to base of Singge La 5050m.

Day 11 : Singge La-Photaksar: Walking Time 5-6 hrs.> Climbing steep scree to negotiate Singge La. Gradual descending to Photaksar 4200m but requires patience as one gets too tired by the end of day.

Day 12: Rest Day ( High Pass )

Day 13: Photaksar-Sisir La -Hanupatta: Walking Time 6 hrs.> Gradual ascending to Sisir La 4850m. Spectacular view back of Zhanskar Range. Hanupatta 3760m is gradual descending.

Day 14 : Hanupatta-Wanlah: Walking Time 5 hrs.> Gradual descending, Wanlah 3250m is a small village.

Day 15 : Wanla-Lamayuru: Walking Time 3-4 hrs.> Gradual and wet day as some of the trek goes through watery and vegetative growth.

Day 16-17 : Travel to Sirinagar/ Leh.


Padam to Manali over Umasi La

umasi la

Day 1 & 2 : Reaching Sirinagar from Delhi

Day 3: Camp at Sonmarg for acclimatization.

Day 4 : Reaching Padam from Sirinagar / Leh

Day 5 : Padum-Zongkul Monastery: Walking Time 6-7 hrs.> High above the valley floor is situated Zongkul monastery of 11 century at 3750m.

Day 6: Zongkul-Base of Umasi La: Walking Time 6-7 hrs.> 4400m high Umasi La base is gradual ascending from monastery.

Day 7 : Umasi La Base -High Camp: Walking Time 7 hrs.> Ascending glacial valley, no creavasses and distance can be covered in 1 hr. to Umasi La 5340m. Route is marked by cairns and flags. Last 100m is steep snoe and ice section. Pass is a small gap in the cliffs. This pass is regularly crossed by monks and they have worked hard to point route in such a high road !

Day 8 : High Camp-Suncham: Walking Time 8 hrs.> The snowfield you were last night is creavassed area, so have to be carefull, steep 300 m descending to glacier floor.Walking is easier.Suncham 3250m is gradual descending and requires bit patience.

Day 9 : Sunchem-Marchel: Walking Time 3 hrs.> Trail leads through several villages, Marchel 2790m support Budhist monastries.

Day 10 : Marchel-Atholi/Gularbagh: Walking Time 8 hrs.> Gradual descending to Shashut 2600m.Atholi 2250m is famous place in the region.

Day 11: Atholi-Shoal: Walking Time 2-3 hrs.> Shoal 2400 is bit grdual ascending and descending.

Day 12 : Shoal-Istahari: Walking Time 6-7 hrs.> Steep ascent of 500m, at 2820m Istahari is last main village in J& K state.

Day 13 : Istihari-Kilar: Walking Time 6-7 hrs.> Long descending to Shophu Nullah, and village of Kilar 2750m is now well connected with jeeps and buses.

Day 14: Reaching Manali

Day15 : Reaching Delhi/Chandigarh.


Padam to Leh Over Cha Cha La

cha cha la

Day 1 & 2
: Reaching Padam from Sirinagar/ Leh

Day3: Rest Day ( acclimatization )

Day 4 : Padum-Zangla:Walking Time 7 hrs.> From Padum trail crosses though Zangla 3370m to well graded trek to Stongde 3500m. A jeep road now covers much of this route.

Day 5 : Zangla-Cha Cha La Base : Walking Time 3 hrs.> Gradual walking but do take rest at base.

Day 6: Rest Day ( High pass)

Day 7 : Base-Cha Cha La-Camp: Walking Time 6 hrs.> Rough scree to negotiate, final 200m are hard and requires patience. But view from top proves that effort was worth. Cha Cha la at 4950m is very famous pass.

Day 8 : Camp- Tilat Sumdo: Walking Time 6 hrs.> River crossings, gradual walk through shepherd pasteur to reach Tilat Sumdo 3750m.

Day 9 : Tilat Sumdo-Base of Rubrang La : Walking Time 5-6 hrs.> Gradual ascending to Rubrang La 4350m. You may encounter Khampa nomads who live a traditional nomadic lifestyle.

Day 10 : Rest Day

Day 11 : Rubrang La Base-Markha: Walking Time 6 hrs.> Climb to Rubrang La 5020m takes two hrs.offers beautiful view of Stok and Zhanskra Ranges from top, Gradual ascedning through a gully, descending is also gradual to Markha village 3850m.

Day 12 -13-14 : Markha-Hemis: These three stages can best be done via Kangmaru La which is in Namling plateau.

Day 15& 16 : Back to Manali.