Rupshu Valley over Kongmaru La

yar la

Southeast of Leh this high altitude cold desert is the western extension of the Tibetan Plateau. Previously closed to visitors, this region offers some of the most amazing scenery to be found in Ladakh It is a land of monasteries and high passes, dissected by numerous mountain ridges and traversed by a number of ancient trading routes. We will venture in a mineral wilderness where only a few nomads live, totally reliant on their yak and sheep herds for their subsistence.


Day 01: Delhi. Airport – hotel transfer.

Day 02: Delhi – Leh (3500 m) by plane. Afternoon at leisure in Leh, where we can take a walk to the colorful bazaar.

Day 03: Leh – Hemis (3505 m) by car. Visit of the most famous and oldest monasteries of Ladakh (15th and 17th century), Thikse, Shey and Hemis.

Day 04: Hemis – Shang Sumdo (3850 m) in 4 h. Today we leave the Indus valley. We descend towards Martselang, then go up the valley, which is fairly narrow in some places, then continue along the riverbed to Shang Sumdo. A short and pleasant stage, in anticipation of the next two long following days.

Day 05: Shang Sumdo – Latza Kongmaru (4800 m) in 7 h. We progress along the river whose banks are punctuated with ochre rocks. From Chukirmo village, the track leads into narrow gorges where ponies need to be unloaded twice and go up to the base of Kongmaru La.

Day 06: Latza Gongmaru – Kongmaru La (5050 m) – Langtang Chu (4250 m) in 7 h. From the pass, there are great views north towards eastern Korakoram and China, whilst the southern vista is dominated by the shapely Kang Yatze (6400 m) and the Ladakhi range. We take a ridge trail and descend zigzagging across scree. Afterwards the path easily descends towards Nimaling summer pastures and Markha valley, the most beautiful valley in Ladakh.

Day 07: Langtang Chu – Yakrupal (4700 m) in 4 h. We climb up the large valley, and after crossing a stream follow on along a morainic wall.

Day 08: Yakrupal – Zalung Karpo La (5200 m) – Sorra (4200 m) in 5 h. We carry on upwards until the valley divides and take right. From the pass, we follow a ridge trail leading to another pass, then plunge into the valley.

Day 09: Sorra – Dat (4200 m) in 5 h. We follow gorgeous woody gorges until they widen into a valley. Manis and shortens are spread on the trail leading Sara and Dat rivers. Dat is a green village, where cultivation and vegetation takes every fragment of land.

Day 10: Dat – Yar La (5000 m) – Lungmo Che (4010 m) in 6 h. An easy climb takes us to the pass, where we enjoy a dramatic vista over the Rupshu. Sometimes some “Khyangs”, wild donkeys, go up to the caravans, frightening our ponies.

Day 11: Lungmo Che – Sangtha (4200 m) in 3 h. Then transfer by jeep to Sarchu. The landscape completely changes into a vast arid plain. Tibetan nomads mainly populate the area. The road to Sarchu winds its way up to the Lachlung La pass (5060 m).

Day 12: Sarchu – Manali (2000 m) by jeep. This journey is rewarded by magnificent landscapes. The road goes through amazing switch back roads, pass the blue Suraj Tal lake to Darcha and pass through Rohtang Pass (3954m) the last pass of this journey. The landscape is breathtaking. Rohtang Pass is a very wide pass, and is one of the most beautiful passes in the Pir Panjal. The view on both sides is exhilarating.

Day 13: Manali. Surrounded by snowy mountain peaks, Manali is also known as “Queen of Mountains”. It is a gloriously colorful market place for the surrounding villages. Visit old Manali, Hadimba temple and Vashisht village.

Day 14: Manali – Delhi (Private vehicle).

Day 15: Delhi. Day at leisure. Safety day for your international flight.

Day 16: Delhi. Hotel – airport transfer.

OPYION: You can travel to LEH by road.


Padam To Lamayuru over Hanuman La

4Day 1 & 2 : Reaching Padam from Sirinagar /Leh

Day 3 : Rest Day ( Acclimatization )

Day 4: Padum-Karsha : Walking Time 2 hrs.> There is a monastery at Karsha belonging to 10th century.

Day 5 : Karsha-Pishu: Walking Time 4-5 hrs.> Karsha 3600m, gradual ascending to village Rinam 3350m. Pishu is at 3470m.

Day 6 : Pishu-Hanumil: Walking Time 4-5 hrs.> Trail skirts around Zhanskar River and usually a level walk. Pidmu 3420m is about halfway. Hanumil 3380m is all about few houses.

Day 7 : Hanumil-Snertse: Walking Time 5 hrs.> Steady upwards to Purfi La 3950m, Coming to Zhanskar River and then steep ascending and descending and again 400m climb for Snertse 3850m. This is a shepherd settlement.

Day 8: Rest Day ( High Pass )

Day 9 : Snertse-Hanuman La – Lingshet: Walking Time 5-6 hrs.> Gradual ascending to Hanuman La 4950m. Descending is steep.Do visit Lingshet monastery which is very old and is close to the era when Budhism was being established in this area.

Day 10 : Lingshet-Base Singge La: Walking Time 5-6 hrs.> Gradual ascending to Netuke La 4280m. There is one more 400m climb of Khyupa La 4300m. It then gradually ascends to base of Singge La 5050m.

Day 11 : Singge La-Photaksar: Walking Time 5-6 hrs.> Climbing steep scree to negotiate Singge La. Gradual descending to Photaksar 4200m but requires patience as one gets too tired by the end of day.

Day 12: Rest Day ( High Pass )

Day 13: Photaksar-Sisir La -Hanupatta: Walking Time 6 hrs.> Gradual ascending to Sisir La 4850m. Spectacular view back of Zhanskar Range. Hanupatta 3760m is gradual descending.

Day 14 : Hanupatta-Wanlah: Walking Time 5 hrs.> Gradual descending, Wanlah 3250m is a small village.

Day 15 : Wanla-Lamayuru: Walking Time 3-4 hrs.> Gradual and wet day as some of the trek goes through watery and vegetative growth.

Day 16-17 : Travel to Sirinagar/ Leh.


Hemis – Nimaling Plateau


Traveling to Leh From Manali / Chandigarh: 2 days
Traveling to Leh from Delhi: 3 Days

Day 1: Hemis – Shang : Dive by jeep from Leh to and short walk to village Shang.

Day 2: Shang to base of Nimaling ( Kang Maru La ) La ( 5050m ) Long walk besides a tributary and gradual ascending. It can take 6/7 hrs.

Day 3: Rest Day

Day 4: Over La to camp in Nimaling Plateu. Gradual ascent. and descending to Nimaling.

Day 5 : Rest Day

Day 6: Back to Shang

Day 7: Back to Hemis

Traveling to Manali / Chandigarh from Leh: 2 days


Stok Kangri Base Camp

Stok Kangri

Day 01 & 2 : Drive to Leh from Manali. Manali is overnight travel from Delhi by tourist 2X2 bus / by air to Bhunter airport which is 45km. from Manali. Journey to Leh is dusty,rocky but goes through two high passes Tanglang-La and Lachalunga-La. Tanglang La being 17250 ft. is second highest motorable pass of the world. Entoute our jeep stops at tourist camping place. Over night in tented camping site.

Day 03,04 : Leh -Day for sightseeing tour of Shey, Thiksey and Hemis Monastery. Overnight stay at the hotel. Two days rest should be included when you come to Ladakh- as Leh itslef is situated on high plateu. Guided tour of monasteries is not included in package cost but if required- it is best add on…

Day 05 :Drive to Stok village & start of trek up to Manokarmo – a shepherd encampment- 3/4 hrs. of trekking. We usually suggest people to carry less wt. and walk slow-unless you are having adiquate experience to handle yourself in high altitude. if you are new to such atmosphere- walk with our instructors/guides, take lot of juices/water.

Day 06: Trek to Base Camp. Approx 5 hrs. of walk. If you are reading these lines- do not forget to visit picture gallery to view pictures.

Day07: Come back to Stok Village-same route( Shift To Hotel)

Day8,9: Back to Manali ( By air exit is fine if you had come by road from Manali) We will provide private vehicle for travel back to Manali.Shift to hotel for rest.

Day10: Back to Delhi.


Markha Valley

Markha Valley


Day 1 & 2 : Travel to Manali from Takeover Point and stay for a day for proper acclimatization. Local sightseeing can be undertaken by foot. ( Walking is essential while acclimatize)

Day 3& 4 : Travel to Leh by Jeep / Tourist Bus

Day 5 : Rest Day at Leh ( Stay in Hotel )

Day 6: Spitok-Rumbak: Walking Time 6-7 hrs.> Spitok monastery is one of the most importance as being one of the oldest from 15th century. A gradual walk through village Jingchan 3600m to Rumbak 3750m.

Day 7: Rumbak-Yurutse: Walking Time 4-5 hrs.> Spectacular view of Stok Range from Yurutse 4150m.

Day 8: Ganda La-Markha Valley: Walking Time 6-7 hrs.> Gandal La 4920m requires steady ascent and slow pace. Scenic view of Zhanskar Range. Through village Kaya 3650 it is gradual walk to Skiu 3700m.

Day 9: Rest Day

Day 10: Skiu-Markha: Walking Time 7-8 hrs.> Trail crosses the river Markha several times. There are army bridges so no problem in crossing river although in past it was a big problem and people have to trek kms. for finding proper place to cross safely. Markha village at 3850m is gradual walk through typical Ladakh trail.

Day 11: Markha-Nimaling: Walking Time 7-8 hrs.> Nimaling at 4650m is steady ascending and descending. Nimaling Plateau is green pasture where you can see permanent encampment of shepherds. This is a place which further provides excess to deep hidden valleys.

Day 12: Nimaling-Chogdo via kangmaru La: Walking Time 6 hrs.> This is not as strenuous as it looks. Stady ascent to La 5050m will require 2 hrs. at most. From there you can see scenic view of Nimaling Plateau which seems like a land out of dreams as this is only green pasture among brown and gray land of rocks and scree. Chogdo at 4050m is gradual but long descent.

Day 13: Chogdo-Hemis: Walking Time 4-5 hrs.> Walking besides stream, this is gradual walk to world famous monastery of Hemis which is said to be having links with Christ and Guru Nanak Dev, a Saint/Guru of Sikhs.

Day 14 & 15: Traveling Back to Manali

Option 2: Do you think it is too much for you ? Instead of compelete circuit- choose this option in which..

Trek Day 1: Hemis – Shang: Drive from Leh and short walk to Shang/Chogdo.

Trek Day 2: Shang to base of Nimaling ( Kang Maru La ) La ( 5030m ). Gradual ascending besides tributary from Kang Maru La.

Day 3: Rest Day

Trek Day 4: Over La to camp in Nimaling Plateu. Gradual ascending and descending. This is rock and scree trail.

Day 5 : Rest Day

Trek Day 6 : Back to Shang

Day 7: Back to Hemis.