Sunderdungha Base Camp

Sunderdungha Base Camp

Day 1: Departure from Delhi to Kathgodam – Arrival at Kathgodam at 6.30 am. Boarding A/C coach in night and as soon as we reach Kathgodam- vehicle is ready for travelling for SONG.

Day 2: Song- Dhakuri (2621m) 10 Kms trek to Dhakuri (2680 m). Dinner & overnight stay in camps.

Day 3: Dhakuri – Khati- Jatoli 15kms/8hr From Dhakuri one has to go to village Jatoli, which is 7 Kms away from Khati. From Khati follow pinder river upto Warbham – the meeting place of Pinder River and Sunderdhunga stream. Now along Sunderdhunga stream, reach Jaitoli crossing boulders ascent for night halt. Dinner & overnight stay in camps.

Day 4: Jatoli- Dhungiya Dhaun 8kms/5hr From Jatoli (2000 m) upto Dhungiya Dhaun(2700 m), about 8 Kms is a tough trek. Follow along Sunderdhunga stream upto Dhingiyadhung for night halt. Dinner & overnight stay in camps.

Day 5: Dhungiyadhung – Kathliya 6kms/4hr Dinner & overnight stay in camps
Day 6: Kathalia-Sukhram Cave (3900 m) 7kms/5hr Dinner & overnight stay in camps.

Day 7: Sukhram Cave -Maikoli (4320 m) 7kms/5hr Dinner & overnight stay in camps.

Day 8: Maikoli – Sunderdunga 4hr each side Strenuous downhill trek along Maiktoli stream to Sunderdhunga and back to Maiktoli. Dinner & overnight stay in camps.

Day 9: Maikoli – Kathalia 14kms/7hr Dinner & overnight stay in camps.

Day 10: Kathalia – Jatoli 15kms/7hr Dinner & overnight stay in camps.

Day 11: Jatoli – Dhakuri 15kms/7hr Dinner & overnight stay in camps.

Day 12: Dhakuri – SONG- 10 Kms Trek ( 5Hr) down to Song.

Day 13: Song to Kathgodam – travel by jeep. Boarding evening train for DELHI.

Climbing Itinerary: Same upto Base Camp + add 4 days for climb including spare day ( 15 days plan )


Kafni Glacier

Kafni Glacier

Day 1 (New Delhi, India):
Arrive New Delhi. Meet himadventures representative. Travelling starts from New Delhi to Bageshwar. Overnight in Bageshwar. Bageshwar is situated at the confluence of river Saryu, Gomati and the latent Bhagirathi.

Day 2 (Bageshwar – Song – Loharkhet):
On second day of Kafni Glacier Trek, we move to Loharkhet, a small hamlet on the banks of river Saryu. Overnight in Loharkhet.

Day 3 (Loharkhet – Khati, 2210 M):
From Khati one can view the peaks. Legend has it that the villagers of Khati are the direct descendants of those who had shelered the Pandavas, during their Vanvasa. These poeple are known for their warmth, simplicity and hospitality indeed a trademark of the Kumaon hills not yet corrupted by the commercialisation of tourism. Khati is the biggest village enroute Pindari. The trek to Khati descends down to Umla Village (4 kms). Khati village lies at the confluence of Pindari and Sundardhunga Rivers. Overnight in tents.

Day 4 (Khati – Phurkia, 3260 M):
Now we reach Phurkia, where the trees gives way to alpine pastures and shepherds can be seen guiding their large flock across grazy uplands. The mountain greenery is at its best here. Overnight stay at Phurkia. Overnight in tents.

Day 5 (Phurkia – Zero Point – Dwali, 2575 M):
On day 5 of Kafni Glacier Trek, we do an 18 kms trek. From Zero point, we see the view of Pindari Glacier. The Pindari Glacier measures 3 kms in length and 0.25 kms in breadth. It owes its existence to the vast quantities of snow precipitated from Nanda Devi and other lofty summits of the greater Himalayan range. It takes its name from the Pindar River, which originates in the trails pass above the glacier. Overnight stay in Dwali.

Day 6 (Dwali – Kafni – Dwali):
A 24 kms trek. The Kafni glacier lies left of the Pindar valley and the Nandakot. The main Himalayan summits visible from Kafni are Nandakot (6806 M) and Nanda Bhanar (6104 M) Return to Dwali. Overnight stay at Dwali. Overnight in Dwali.

Day 7 (Dwali – Dhakuri, 2690 M):
A 19 kms trek. Dhakuri-Binjak ridge offers a view of the snow-clad Nandakot summit (6806 mts) to the east of Maktoli (6804 mts) to the west. Overnight stay in Dhakuri.

Day 8 (Dhahuri – Bageshwar):
A 16 km. trek to Song and 40 km. by bus to Bageshwar. Overnight stay in Bageshwar.

Day 9 (Bageshwar -Kathgodam/ New Delhi):
Drive from Bageshwar to Kathgodam for train travel to Delhi. Kafni Glacier Trek concludes.


Pindari Glacier

Pindari GlacierDay 1: Takeover fron airport and shift to hotel. Have rest and if you are reaching in day-you can use evening for visiting central Delhi.

Day 2 and 3 : Delh to Kathgodam – travel to SONG.
We depart by air conditioned coach of RANIKHET EXPRESS which reaches early morning at KATHGODAM. Our jeep is ready to take us further deep into mountains. We reach LOHARKHET (1750 M /5775 FT)

Day 4: LOHARKHET – DHAKURI (2680 M / 8844 FT)
It is an 11 km trek today that takes you down into the depths of the valley and then a fair climb to Dhakuri. Overnight is tents / resthouse.

Day 5: DHAKURI – KHATI (2210 M / 7293 FT)
This is an 8 km trek; Khati is the largest village on this route and is on the banks of the Pinder Ganga. The people here are extremely hospitable and legend has it that they are the descendents of the race who provided shelter to the Pandavas during their exile. Overnight in Tents / Village huts.

Day 6: KHATI – DWALI (2575 M/8498 FT)
The trekking distance today is 11 km (5-6 hrs) with the roar of the Pinder Ganga not too far off. Along the way there are many a waterfalls and log bridges to be crossed. Overnight in tents / resthouse.

Day 7: DWALI – PHURKIA (3206 M/14300 FT)
A short 5 km trek takes you to Phurkia. The barren icy peaks seem to be your only companions for the day. Overnight in tent / resthouse

Day 8: PHURKIA – PINDARI GLACIER (3900 M/12870 FT)
Today is an early start as it is a 7 km trek each way. Touch zero point from where the Pindari glacier can be viewed in all its magnificence. The pinder valley is also prominent with its patches of lush greenery over the stark white landscape. Return to Phurkia.

Its time to go back and the 5 km trek will take about 3 hrs. Overnight in tents / resthouse.

Today’s 11 km trek will take 4-5 hrs. Exploring Khati is a good idea as it has some beautiful sights to offer. Overnight in tents / resthouse.

The trips coming to an end. 8 km of trek (3-4 hrs).

Trek all the way to song today 13 km, The trek has come to an end.

Day 13: SONG to Kathgodam – TRAVEL BY JEEP. We reach early morning at DELHI.

Day 14 : Delhi/Departure
Have rest and planning of departure for airport time to catch flight.